Two lighting bolts blac/white gradient colored. The words Lewis is in dark red and the word designs is in black.

Drawings: Basic Art Class

Drawing of a rubbing that looks like a brickwall, a oval that is a cardboard, and the word Lewis in the center                  of the oval.
This project was about textures. I drew an oval, then I used a rubbing technique on a brick wall and a piece of cardboard, then I added the text. I used a variety of graphite sticks.
Different geometric shapes in different shades of graphite pencils.
The object of this project was to draw different geometric shapes and shade them with a variety of graphite pencils of various shades .
A picture of a ball, coffee cup, smaller ball, a tall cone, and a small cup in a row. It shows the shading and                   shadows of light.
I drew this composition that represents shading of like objects. These articles are set up with a light shining on them.
A picture of an apple and a pear. It shows shading and shadows of light. This was done with a micron pen.
This composition was drawn with a micron pen. It was very challenging because I could not erase mistakes and drawing fruit is very difficult.
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